The Best-Ever O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop Is On Sale for $29—And It's Such a Thrill

If you are a type-A cleaner and don’t already have one of these beauties, today’s the day.  

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I'm a month into my relationship with my O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop and I must say, things could not be going any better. Every last trace of weird residue on my floors is gone, there's no streaking on the hardwood (more on that), and even my white-tiled back entryway looks pristine. It's a dream for my self-proclaimed type-A cleaning personality. While I was already planning to share news of this household find, I just found out it's on sale, which means you can snag your very own best friend—I mean, O-Cedar Spin Mop—for $29.88; marked down from $38.99. BUY IT: $29.88;

The deal will deliver a spin mop, bucket, and two microfiber refills to your door for 23% off the regular retail price but, to be honest, I payed full price and would hands down do it again. Here's why:

O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket

People / Tamara Staples

It's Safe for Use on Hardwood Floors

A hands-free wringer in the form of a pedal with a salad-spinner-like effect rotates the mop, spewing excessive moisture straight back into the bucket (read not your surrounding floor). With seven good pumps on the pedal, the mop head is just wet enough to clean my floors, but dries almost instantly without streaking. Replacing the water when dirty and using a floor-friendly solution are also players in keeping streaks at bay. The solution comes care of the amazing Instagram account GoCleanCo, which you should definitely be following if you, like me, get enjoyment out of things like cleaning your washing machine or wiping down your walls. The recommended formula is a bucket of piping hot water mixed with a teaspoon of powdered tide. Voila. And so low budget.

It Has a Triangular Design

Corners are no match for this baby. It's not just a great tool for cleaning large areas, but also for getting right smack dab up to the base boards. You won't be left with a border around your walls that necessitates either making do with good enough or getting down on your hands and knees. The small brush applies even pressure, ensuring every spot the mop touches will turn to clean.

The Microfiber Mop Heads Are Machine Washable

I throw mine into the wash after each use, usually with a little bleach to disinfect. So far, I've only used one and it comes out perfectly clean every time. Say goodbye to costly disposable mop pads for good.

It's Small Enough To Hide Away in a Closet

You don't need to keep this one out in the garage. It should easily fit tucked away in your laundry room or closet, ready to jump into the game at a moment's notice. Just make sure your box of powdered tide is near.

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System

O-Cedar Spin Mop

I cannot tell you the joy that I get in finishing my Saturday morning clean with a good mopping session—and this is just the tool for the job.

BUY IT: $29.88;

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