Let us present an answer for how to hide that troublesome television.
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Let us present an answer for how to hide that troublesome television.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Sleek flat-screen televisions take up less in-room real estate. Still, if they're not on, they're not exactly a fabulous focal point. Solution: Hide the TV behind your favorite piece of art with this great new product.

TV on the QT
This screen looks exactly like a framed painting, but, with the click of a button on a remote control, the screen rolls up and into the frame for a unobstructed view of the television. The high-resolution image is printed on canvas and pulls taut when closed. The television itself is set back into the wall and is completely undetectable when the screen is down.

Forget the Armoire
The days of the bulky entertainment armoire are winding down. These screens can be installed virtually anywhere in the home, but one of our favorite spots is in front of a television mounted above the fireplace. What better place for a great painting or photo? Don't worry about the heat. The screen units are vented to account for this. Televisions can be surface-mounted or recessed. Recessed installation requires a depth of 6 to 7 inches, while surface-mounting relies on the frame itself to hide the set, which may limit your choices. Vutec, maker of ArtScreens, is a great place to research available options (www.vutec.com).

Start With the Art
Selecting the art for your screen is an important step. Because of copyright laws, not just anything works. Factor in these considerations when you choose.

You can use an original photograph or painting as long as you own the rights to it. If you made it, go for it.

Most manufacturers provide a wide selection of artwork that is licensed and can be used. Some royalty fees may apply. Be sure to ask up front.