Keep your personal spa in excellent shape with a few quick tips.

Celebrate your sense of style by using furniture and storage pieces that reflect your flair for decorating. A small stand, stool, or bookshelf can hold an array of neatly folded and arranged bath towels. Keep ho-hum plastic bins and cardboard boxes behind cabinet doors, and instead, focus attention on sparkling glass canisters filled with essentials such as cotton swabs and balls. With each element that you add, your bath will gain a greater measure of comfort, convenience, and character.

Folding Step-by-Step
Try this easy method for folding towels in a uniform way.

1. Place a towel facedown on a table. Fold the left third of the towel widthwise toward the center. Then fold the right third of the towel toward the center.

2. Next, fold the bottom of the towel up, stopping about two-thirds of the way up.

3. Then fold down the top third of the towel.

4. Stack several folded towels to provide plenty for yourself and for houseguests.