WATCH: 5 Things That Make Your Kitchen Look Messier Than It Is

Conquer clutter.

The kitchen is one of the most lived-in spaces in a home. Despite your best efforts to keep this high-traffic area clean, you could be unintentionally making a few mistakes that make you kitchen look messier than it actually is. Small oversights can add up to big eyesores, like cluttered countertops and disorderly cabinets. In this room, storage and functionality are key, so it's important to make the most of each inch of space. (Yes, some time devoted to organization is required—but worth it.) Correct these five mistakes to clean up a messy kitchen.

Crisp, Clean Kitchen Cabinets

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1. You're letting dishes pile up in the sink.

Not only is a stack of dirty dishes in the sink an eyesore, but it also involves more cleanup time later on. Rinse off used plates and cups and then move them straight to the dishwasher.

2. You're using your refrigerator as a bulletin board.

While you want to show off your children's artwork and report cards on the refrigerator, too many additions can make it look messy. Keep your refrigerator doors clean, and instead make a bulletin board designated to for displaying artwork, invitations, chore charts, and announcements.

3. You haven't given your appliances a proper home.

Cluttered countertops are the most common sign of a messy kitchen and take away some much-needed space. Organize them by giving appliances a proper home either on the counter or tucked away in a cabinet or drawer.

4. You haven't organized your shelves.

Opening a cabinet to find an explosion of plastic containers with mismatched lids is a headache for everyone. Take time to organize containers, cups, dinnerware, cookware, etc. so items are easier find. Don't overlook the pantry—try labeling shelves to remind family members where foods should be located.

5. Your kitchen serves as a multipurpose room.

It's easy to allow your kitchen to double as a mudroom, homework center, office, or arts-and-crafts area, but it can quickly add clutter to the space. Designate separate areas for these needs, and use your kitchen for its original purpose.

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