How to Make the Perfect Bed
u003cstrongu003eMake this Bed:u003c/strongu003eVenus Ivory Sheets, Standard Shams, and Duvet Cover by Matouk; European Shams and Coverlet by Home Treasures; and Mrs. Howard Square Pillows, all available from Mrs. Howard;
| Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

It's always nice to fall into a bed outfitted with clean sheets. The only problem is that clean sheets are usually a sign of a well-made bed. That means inevitably putting the bottom sheet on halfway, realizing you've got the wrong end on the mattress and having to start over from the beginning. Luckily, we've unearthed a tip that could do away with that frustrating bit of housework once and for all.

WATCH: How to Make the Perfect Bed

When you're making your bed, before you put the fitted sheet on the mattress, stop and take a look for the sheet's tags, because those tags are the secret to bed-making success, according to Buzzfeed, who found the helpful hint on Reddit. Once you've found the tags, all you need to know is that they go on the bottom right corner of the mattress. If you get that corner of the sheet in the right spot, putting that dreaded fitted sheet on the rest of the mattress will be a snap. While this tip may not work on every single sheet set, it works on a lot of them. Test it out the next time you're making the beds, and you may find that you never need to struggle with a fitted sheet again.