An Easy Tip For Putting Sheets On Your Bed

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It's always nice to fall into a bed outfitted with clean sheets. The only problem is that clean sheets usually require a well-made bed. That means inevitably putting the bottom sheet on halfway, realizing you've got the wrong end on the mattress, and starting over from the beginning. Luckily, we've unearthed a tip that could do away with that frustrating bit of housework.

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Before putting the fitted sheet on the mattress, stop and look for the sheet's tags when making your bed. According to Buzzfeed, who found the helpful hint on Reddit, those tags are the secret to bed-making success. Once you've found the tags, all you need to know is that they go on the bottom right corner of the mattress.

Putting that dreaded fitted sheet on the rest of the mattress will be a snap if you get that corner of the sheet in the right spot. While this tip may only work on some sheets set, it is a successful trick for most of them. Test it out the next time you make the beds, and you may never need to struggle with a fitted sheet again.

Additional Tips For Making Your Bed

Pillow Placement

When making your bed, position your pillows on an angle so they stand slightly against your headboard. This positioning gives your bed a professionally-made presentation. In addition to arranging your sleeping pillows, the number of throw pillows helps when making your beg. Choose one or two throw pillows that match your duvet or bedroom color scheme. Too many pillows can add unnecessary clutter.

Layer Coverlets And Duvets

In a monochromatic color scheme, layer a textured coverlet over the duvet. Start by pulling the coverlet to the top or head of the bed and fold it back over the top third. If using white bedding, make sure you use the same shade instead of mixing white and off-white for a more consistent appearance. Using only one or two colors in your bedroom and bedding will help maintain a relaxed atmosphere and calming display.

Accessorize Correctly

Consider using a bed skirt if your bed frame only has a headboard. Choose a bed skirt that barely touches the floor and matches your duvet or sheets. 

Additionally, when adding throw pillows or other bedding accessories, using the "old number rule" is always recommended by decorators. Decor arranged in odd numbers tends to be more visually appealing, so aim for one, three, or five, depending on the size of your bed. 

Finally, consider ironing your sheets before making your bed for a professional finishing touch. Reserve this trick for overnight guests, or steam or iron your sheets every time if you prefer very crisp and smooth bedding.

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