This Is Your Friendly Reminder: It's Probably Time To Replace Your Bath Towels

Before Mama catches a look at that linen closet.

Towel wear and tear is both inevitable and insidious—you don't even realize it's happening until you somehow find yourself with a brand-spanking-new one side by side with the ones you've had for years. Grayed or faded, tattered, possibly stained (worst case scenario), they're the linen closets' version of the hot mess express, and Mama would be aghast. What's a gal to do? Sure, you could strip them, bleach them, or just keep your bathrooms dimly lit, though it might be in your best interest to go ahead and replace your whole collection. The good news is, you don't have to spend a bucket in the process.

Organized Linen Closet

Laurey W. Glenn

Here's the thing: If you must decide between hanging on to expensive towels that have seen better days and just picking up a stack of basic white ones during your next Costco run, go for the latter. One wash and they'll soften right up, I can attest. For the longest time I wasn't replacing my towels as often as I should have been because I didn't want to drop a few hundred dollars to restock my baths. I eventually found myself in such dire straits that I picked up a big old stack of generic, surplus towels that I plopped right into my cart along with the 18-pack of paper towels and 5-pound bag of shredded cheese (don't judge). After a good wash and tumble dry, I had three rows of brand-new towels ready for stocking my bathrooms.

It's important to note that quality has its place in this discussion. While my Costco ones are remarkably soft and absorbent for the price, splurging for one of our favorite luxury brands like Weezie or Hillhouse Home will never be ill-advised. You'll get your money's worth, of that I can assure you. Our very own Southern Living collection at Dillard's is another favorite way to upgrade your collection with sumptuous-feeling linens that won't set you back.

Now go forth and make Mama proud with your linen closet full of neatly stacked (trifold, please) and perfectly fresh towels.

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