The Proper Way to Care for Bath Towels, According to a Pro

Weezie’s Liz Eichholz shares her top care tips and go-to laundry products.

Where do you stand on this bath linen debate: white vs. solid-colored towels? On the one hand, white towels bring a spa-like feel to the room and a little bleach can make them look as good as new after every wash. On the other, solid-colored towels can not only hide dirt and stains but can also liven up a bath's design scheme. No matter the shade, investing in high-quality towels can upgrade the look and feel of any bath (and will also impress overnight guests). Preserving the look of luxury linens and lengthening their lifespan starts with proper laundering maintenance.

Liz Eichholz, cofounder and creative director of Weezie (a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand known for their plush towels and robes), is making the case for solid-colored linens. When Weezie launched in 2018, the brand released its signature line of organic cotton white towels with customizable colored piping. For those fearful of mascara and makeup stains ruining white linens, Weezie recently came out with a new line of solid-colored options in their most popular piping colors: navy, grey, pink, and light blue (BUY IT: Solid Terry Bath Towel, from $58; "There are some people who are never going to buy white towels—now we have a great offering for them," says Eichholz.

Weezie Solid Towels

Courtesy of Weezie

Proper Care Tips

With the right laundry products and care practices, solid-colored towels can be just as easy to clean as white ones. "We generally recommend caring for them the same way—wash cold and dry warm with your detergent of choice! We don't recommend bleach on our white towels in any scenario, as it can harm the cotton fibers," says Eichholz. "If your towels are feeling dingy or you have a really stained towel to handle, we love The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative for whites and The Laundress Darks Detergent for our Solid Terry.

To spot treat any really tricky stains, try The Laundress Stain Solution or Oxygen Boost from Branch Basics," she adds. Wash Weezie's terry towels every three to five days to keep them looking and feeling like new.

Shop Weezie's full selection online, or visit their pop-up shop in Atlanta (open through January 2022).

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