5 Things Super-Organized People Do Every Day

Their secrets to success are things we're all capable of doing.

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We all have those super-organized people in our lives: the ones who always seem to get things done long before they're due, keep their homes and offices clean and decluttered, and never forget to do that one random task. It may seem like those friends or coworkers are running on overdrive or have better memories than the rest of us to get it all done, but the truth is, the secrets to their success are things anyone is capable of doing. It will likely take some conscious changes to your routine, but we guarantee adopting even 2 of these practices will keep your life more organized, both at home and at work. Here, 5 things super-organized people do every day—that you can do too.

They Create a Thorough To-Do List, and Stick to It

Although it can be satisfying to start a check-list with tasks you've already completed just so you can scratch them off, it's more effective to create your comprehensive to-do list at the beginning of the day or week, and add to it or reprioritize items as they come up.

They Use Technology Effectively

Your brain simply can't remember everything on its own, so why not keep your to-do list on the device you take with you everywhere anyway? There are tons of productivity apps out there, but a simple way to start is with the reminders app on your phone: They can be set to notify you at a certain time or when you go to a certain location.

They Know Their Weaknesses—and Work Hard to Overrule Them

Even the most successful people out there have weaknesses, but they're successful because they're aware of those shortfalls and don't let them get in their way. Know you tend to get off-topic in meetings? Set an agenda and keep it in front of you. Lose track of time reading articles you stumble across? Set aside 30 minutes each day for reading, and save the links in one place for that time.

They Do the Worst Thing First

You've probably heard this before, but the longer you put off that one task you don't want to do, the more it will hang over your head and distract you when you're doing the things you actually enjoy. Tackle that annoying or frustrating task first thing in the morning and you'll have so much more mental space to handle everything else on your plate.

They Put Everything Away at the End of the Day

You can't start your day productively if you wake up to a cluttered space you left in disarray the night before. Whether it's your clothes going back in your closet or files going back in the right drawer, take a few minutes at the end of each day to declutter your space and put things back where they belong before you call it a night. That's one less thing you'll have on your list in the morning.

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