How To Spring Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

The hardest part is getting started.

Springtime is officially here and that can only mean one thing . . . some deep cleaning is in order. Most folks know the basic rules of spring-cleaning: Decrease clutter, mop, dust, and completely free your home of the previous season's filth. But have you ever wondered how to tackle your kitchen like a pro? It is, after all, the heart of the Southern home. And it deserves some extra TLC this season, so we recruited Go Clean Co's Sarah McAllister to give us some important tips and tricks for making our kitchen look like it has never been used. So, don't wait! The hardest part is getting started.

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Step 1: Make A Plan

There's no denying deep cleaning can be overwhelming. It's essential to create a roadmap for success. Work from top to bottom and left to right. This easy step will give you a clear path forward; start at the top of the kitchen cabinets, and work your way down to tile backsplash and floors. Continue this process as you make a circle around your kitchen from left to right. Remember to take your knickknacks off shelves and clean underneath. Go with paper towels over cloth towels. (While it might seem wasteful, the cloth towels simply moves around lent, dust, and grease without actually removing it – yuck.) Pro tip: Line the top of your cabinets with parchment paper before placing items back on the shelf; this will save you time and effort when you're ready to deep clean again.

Step 2: Tackle The Grease

One of the most challenging parts of deep cleaning a kitchen is fully removing grease residue. You'll need to thoroughly wipe all of the kitchen surfaces with a degreaser, and then wipe them again with warm water to avoid streaking. Try using a dish soap pod soaked in hot water for the surfaces that are particularly sticky.

Step 3: Clean Your Appliances

Don't underestimate the power of a vacuum cleaner. Put it to use removing any flaky food bits from the bottom of your oven and refrigerator drawers before wiping them down. Soak stove grates for a few hours in a mix of hot water and dish washing detergent before you begin scrubbing years of burned on cheese, and other caked on ingrediends. This will save you a bit of time in the scrubbing process. Once the grates are clean and placed on the stovetop, turn on the burners to dry them fully.

Follow these easy tips and tricks for deep cleaning your kitchen and it will look great in no time.

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