There are some things in life that are inevitable. Yes, death and taxes as the saying goes, but also doing the grocery shopping, waging war against the laundry pile, and occasionally polishing the silver and your stainless-steel sink. When it comes to that last one, you may not need to polish your sink very often, but if you want to get your kitchen really spic-and-span, use some elbow grease—and some all-purpose flour.

If you have been putting it off polishing the sink, because it seems like a hassle, there's a trick you should try. According to cooking website, The Kitchn  you won't need to make a special trip to the hardware store for cleaning supplies, but instead just a trip to your own pantry. They claim that the best way to polish your stainless-steel sink is with plain old white flour. Really!

To turn that baking staple into a cleaning mainstay, requires nothing more than hot soapy water and a rag. Start by cleaning your sink with your favorite kitchen cleaner or hot soapy water. Once all the dishes are cleared and breakfast remnants are rinsed down the drain, dry the sink with a clean towel making sure to sop up any puddles or drops of water from the sides and bottom of the basin. Then pull out the flour and give your entire sink a good dusting, around ¼ cup. From there, grab a clean rag (or a paper towel if you prefer) and start rubbing in small circles. The Kitchn suggests that if you start buffing "like you are waxing a car" you should see results soon . Work your way around the sink, including the sides, drain, and even your faucet. Keep rubbing until your sink shines and bits of stuck-on food disappears.

It's not just sinks, either: this trick works on stainless steel stoves, refrigerators, or tea kettles. Give it a whirl, because it's easy, nontoxic, and totally effective and less daunting than taxes.