Who would have thought folding fitted sheets could spark joy!

Marie Kondo
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Folding fitted sheets has been stumping people for centuries. There's just something about those billowy corners that seem to defy containment. And don't get us started on that pesky elastic band.

Even home organization guru Marie Kondo admits that folding fitted sheets isn't a clear-cut business. "It won't be as immaculate as clothing, for instance," she notes in a Good Housekeeping video tutorial (below).

But that doesn't mean folding a fitting sheet is impossible. Au contraire! With Kondo's simple, five-step tutorial for Good Housekeeping, you'll be folding fitted sheets in your sleep.

Step 1: Set up your fitted-sheet folding workspace

Lay out the fitted sheet on a flat surface with the elastic band facing up.

Step 2: Make the first folds

Fold the sheet in thirds lengthwise by bringing one long side in across the center, then the other. You should be left with a long, narrow rectangle.

Step 3: Fold the fitted sheet again

Now, fold the rectangle in half widthwise.

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Step 4: Roll the fitted sheet up

Roll the fitted sheet from one short side to the other until it forms a nice compact cylinder.

Step 5: Store the fitted sheet the right way

Upright y'all, you know the drill!