Here's How Much It Costs To Hire a Professional Organizer

Organizers or chaos tamers? You decide.

When it comes to everything from organizing your small space to finding the perfect storage containers to fit inside your fridge, the task can sometimes be daunting. Even when presented with easy solutions to tidying up, your dwelling and all the excess stuff in it can feel like a massively messy mountain to climb.

The solution for some might be to hire a professional organizer to tame that mountain of chaos and bring clarity to your home and life. But now the question remains: How much does it cost to hire a professional home organizer? More importantly, what type of investment return can you expect from doing so?

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What Is a Professional Home Organizer?

First things first, what is a professional organizer? Kayla Chase, a South Carolina-based professional organizer at Greenville Organizer provides home organizational help to clients looking to tidy up their lives. Some services offered at Greenville Organizer include organization for pantries, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, attics, garages, closets, children's rooms, and so on. On top of that, she also offers virtual organization, mail management, and organization of vehicles, collections, and filing systems.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Help?

Chase charges $60 per hour for hired home organization. Prior to hiring, many home organizers (including Greenville Organizer) will have a client assessment. During this time, it is typical that the professionals will discuss the client's needs, intended projects, estimate the job requirements as well as the number of hours to complete the project.

The client assessment is when a working schedule could be established. This is also a time to help estimate the anticipated job requirements and supplies that are needed. Greenville Organizer's client assessment lasts one hour and costs the client $25.

Who Provides the Organizing Supplies?

Chase's clients pay for the organizational supplies, but she offers shopping assistance (at a rate of $25 per hour) for those who would rather outsource the task.

What Are Trending Home Organizational Projects?

It comes as no surprise that closet and pantry organization is always a need among homeowners. Mitchell Parker, Houzz Senior Editor shares that hardworking storage is a home organization trend on the rise for 2022.

The right storage strategies can create a highly functional home," he says. "While the general function of cabinetry hasn't changed much over the years, the inside of cabinets has dramatically shifted."

Pullout pantries and other hardworking cabinet features have opened doors for clients wanting additional space, whether for drawer dividers to organize their plates and bowls or for specialty storage nooks and crannies for aluminum foil, paper towels, and other regularly used household essentials.

The same hardworking organizational trend carries over into the bathroom as drawers are now designed with permanent homes for hairdryers as well as other small appliances.

"We see cubbies for towels, hidden storage for laundry hampers, and so much more in popular photos on Houzz," he says.

What Can You Expect From Your Investment of Hiring a Professional?

Having both a visual as well as a mental sense of clarity is possibly the biggest return on investment to expect when hiring a professional home organizer. That is, if you're willing to learn the organization plan that they have put into place. Chase says that she never has to go back to a previous client's home to re-organize as long as the client follows the organization system she has established for them.

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