Simple Storage Hacks That Cost $0

Toilet Paper Rolls Turned into Cord Organizers

A quick stroll down the home organization aisle at your local big-box store will show you that a full-house reorganization is no cheap endeavor. Thus, if you're looking to save a few bucks, look to common household items—some of which may typically end up in the trash—to help get your home in order.

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Turn Coffee Creamer Containers into Food Storage

Repurposed Creamer Storage Containers

Rinse out your used coffee creamer containers and fill them with all kinds of small food items—from chocolate chips and coffee beans to popcorn kernels and candy.

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Turn Cardboard Boxes into Drawer Inserts

Colorful Box Drawer Inserts

Cut off the bottoms of empty cereal, plastic baggie, or trash bag containers and wrap them neatly in fabric or gift-wrap. These handy inserts will help you tackle the junk drawer in your kitchen.

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Turn Filing Boxes into Grocery Bag Organizers

Grocery Bag Organizers

Screw old plastic or cardboard filing boxes to the inside wall of your pantry or hall closet to create the perfect spot to neatly stack paper grocery bags and stash reusable grocery sacks.

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Turn Cereal Boxes into Magazine Holders

Colorful Cereal Box Magazine Holder

Cut an opening in a used cereal box and wrap the exterior in fabric or colorful wrapping paper to create an easy storage spot for your favorite magazines.

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Turn a Wipes Container into Crayon Storage

Crayons in Baby Wipes Container

Parents of little ones typically have plenty of empty baby wipe containers lying around—so, turn them into handy crayon holders. The slotted top makes craft time cleanup a breeze; if you want to give kids easier access, simply pop off the lid.

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Turn Toilet Paper Rolls into a Makeup Organizer

DIY Makeup Brush Organizer

Bathroom organization just got a lot easier: Cut and combined a few empty toilet paper rolls to create a handy makeup brush organizer.

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5 Common Cleaning Mistakes

Did you know that cleaning windows on sunny days leaves more streaks? Don't make your cleaning process harder than it needs to be. We've compiled five common cleaning mistakes that can apply to all areas of the home (like trying to scrub stains!) that you should avoid.

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Turn Popcorn Containers into Dog Food Storage

Popcorn Tins into Dog Food Storage

Sturdy popcorn containers are just the right size to paint, label, and repurpose as dog food storage containers. Add a large scoop, and you're all set.

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Turn a Wipes Tube into Plastic Grocery Bag Storage

Grocery Bags in Wipes Tube

Antibacterial wipe containers are perfect for wrangling thin plastic grocery bags—simply twist each grocery bag around your fist, stuff it into the container, and pop the lid back on. When you need a bag, pull each one out using the handy claw opening.

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Turn an Old Drawer into Under-Bed Storage

Old Drawers Turned into Under-Bed Storage

Utilize the space under your beds by transforming old drawers into roll-out under-bed storage with the addition of inexpensive wheels and a simple pull handle.

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Turn Toilet Paper Rolls into Cord Organizers

Toilet Paper Rolls Turned into Cord Organizers

Not sure what to do with all the extra cords in your home office? Wrap them up, slip them into a labeled toilet paper roll, and toss them into a bin together.

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