If You Aren't Using This Power-Scrubbing Drill Brush with Over 27,000 Amazon Reviews, Is Your Bathroom Even Clean?

Hard-to-clean surfaces don’t stand a chance. 

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Amazon Power Scrubber

There's a reason that scrubbing your bathroom floor with a standard scrub brush isn't nearly as fun as wielding a power tool on whichever home improvement project that Marie Kondo or The Home Edit girls on Netflix inspired you to undertake this week. All of the sudden it's much easier to justify all of those Home Depot runs every Saturday morning.

What if we told you that Amazon has found a way to indulge shoppers with a proclivity for power drills in a way that benefits any dirty bathrooms, kitchens, and upholstery in need of a little TLC? Meet the grout-scrubbing, stain-purging, grill-cleaning drill brush with over 60,000 reviews on Amazon and counting. Any hard-to-clean surfaces in your home should be shaking in their boots.

Also known as the power scrubber, this drill attachment set takes your run-of-the-mill home improvement tool and turns it into a mean cleaning machine, complete with different brush types that cater to certain surfaces. Tough spots like bathroom tile, shower grout, and porcelain don't stand a chance against one of the midrange-bristled brush attachments, while more delicate materials like upholstery or glass are no match for one of the softer-bristled brush attachments.

You can even employ this handy power scrubber in ways you might not have imagined, such as to clean and polish dusty, blackened tire rims when washing your car or to rid your outdoor grill grate of any built-up food or gunk before burger night. Anytime during use, simply dunk into a bucket of water and spin the drill brush until clean before diving back into your project.

A look into shopper reviews and photos will show just why it's captured tons of cleaning clout online—dirty grout and shower tiles being the top uses for the power scrubber, as well as less expected spots like long-neglected ovens and fireplaces. Not only does this tool keep your hands dry and free of harsh cleaning agents, but it also fights against any joint or muscle fatigue that some suffer from manually scrubbing with a brush. According to reviewers, it's also been helpful for those who no longer are able to get down comfortably on their knees.

So if you're looking to clean hard-to-reach spots in your home with much less stress and hassle, these scrubbing drill brushes might be the spring-cleaning hack you've been looking for.

Holikme Drill Brush Power Scrubber Set

Amazon Power Scrubber

Each set comes complete with three different brush attachments that vary in shape and purpose, as well as an extended reach attachment that will help clean even the most difficult spots.

Note: The set is made to fit into most household power drills. (Cordless power drill not included.)

Shop It: $9.95; amazon.com

Holikme Drill Brush Attachments Set

Amazon Power Scrubber

If you want to go all in on the power scrubber, invest in this extended set that includes six scrubber brushes, nine scouring pads, and three sponge attachments. Altogether, it covers almost any cleaning need you'll face.

Shop It: $19.95; amazon.com

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