Now you see it, and now you don't. Turn unused space into a concealed cabinet.
Hide Your TV in Style
This creative idea turns wasted space into a clever media nook.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Don't hate us for saying this, but televisions do nothing for a room's decor. They steer your eye away from the pretty things such as a fascinating painting or gorgeous fabric. But let's face it―TVs are a part of our lives. And while they can be sleek, skinny, and hung on walls like art, if you're able to hide yours in an attractive way, go for it. This solution created a stylishly camouflaged media cabinet.

Nicole and Clint Shelton of Decatur, Alabama, filled their TV room with four red leather club chairs. The arrangement was perfect for conversation, but because the space was a narrow walk-through room (open at both ends to other rooms), it left no place for a piece of furniture in which to put a TV. Luckily for them, they had a staircase on the other side of one sidewall. So they used the space under the stairs to house the TV.

The paneled wall helps to conceal the actual cabinet doors. There's no need for door hardware because the Sheltons used a magnetic touch latch; they simply press on the doors, and they pop open. Now they have a seating area and (when they turn the chairs around to face the TV) a cozy spot where the family can catch a flick. Whew―a design dilemma with a happy ending!

Get the Perfect Cabinet For Your TV
Whether you're building a custom cabinet or buying a new TV to fit inside a cabinet that you already have, proper measuring is key. Remember that your television size (27-inch, 36-inch, etc.) is the screen size measured diagonally from corner to corner, not the overall dimensions. To make sure you have plenty of clearance around the TV, measure the height, width, and depth of your set. You'll want at least 2 inches on either side, 2 inches above, 2 inches in front, and 4 inches in back to accommodate cords and allow proper ventilation. If you have a flat-panel TV, don't forget to include the height of the stand in your measurements. Follow these guidelines, and you'll have a perfect fit.

Get the Perfect Cabinet For Your TV

"Hide Your TV in Style" is from the January 2007 issue of Southern Living.