Deep breaths. Don't throw everything away just yet.

By Katherine Owen
September 06, 2017

Moving is no small task. In fact, it is quite the large task. You never know how much you truly own until it's time to place it all (carefully!) in boxes, label it, move those heavy boxes around, all just to eventually unpack them in your new place. (Half the time, frantically so, looking for one tiny item.) Here, we've gathered a few smart shortcuts and pro-tips to make the process slightly less painful:

Create a secret garden key holder.

Once you're in your new place, you're going to want to keep a spare key handy. If you're the key-under-the-mat type, try this slightly more discreet idea. Use an old pill container to keep the key safe and dry. Superglue the lid of the bottle to the bottom of a rock and bury the tube in your garden somewhere.

Make a reference key for the big move.

Create a map of your new home's layout. Color code rooms with stickers, and then use those same stickers on boxes as you pack so that everyone knows exactly what boxes should stay together and where to put them.

Close the door without latching.

You're going to be coming in and out a lot on moving day. Don't let all the bought air out by leaving doors gaping open. Keep doors closed (but not latched!) for hands-free entrance and exit with this trick. Simply wrap a rubberband around the handle, pull it over the door edge while crossing it over the latch, and then looping it on the opposite handle.

Make your own handles.

Why do cardboard boxes even come without hand holes? Make proper lifting form even easier by adding easy-to-grab handles to the sides of boxes. Simply cut out your own rectangle or upside-down triangle using a box-cutter.

Speaking of heavy lifting…

Skip packing your beloved book collection in boxes. While some suggest placing a few in every box to distribute the weight, you can make it even easier by using whatever rolling luggage you have to pack them. Dedicate anything with wheels to book transportation.

A few months before moving, start hanging on to emptied toilet paper rolls.

These are perfect for organizing rolled up cords. Simply fold or "roll" up loose cords from TVs, chargers, electronics, etc., and tuck into a single toilet paper roll. Then label, and insert neatly into a box with all of them. You'll have all your cords labeled and in one place when you get where you're going.

Pack sharp knives in an oven mitt.

This helps prevent them from sticking other objects they're packed with or worse, you. Plus they'll be going to the same place—the kitchen.