Work’s not a chore when your desk’s not a bore.

For being a place folks spend so much of their time, desks often end up pretty low on the decorating priority list. It’s understandable—they’re utilitarian spaces, with specific purposes, supplies, and parameters. But the good news is, they’re one of the easiest spaces to decorate. The necessary equipment provides helpful parameters for you to fill in around—all you have to do is figure out what inspires you, and organize that into the mix. So get busy—find a cute pencil holder, frame your favorite inspirations, and gussy up your workspace with these quick steps:

1. Start with the big stuff.

Desks have a purpose that must come first and foremost. So what’s on yours—a laptop? Desktop computer and keyboard? Use these as the anchor. Their space should be prioritized first, so place those where you can comfortably use daily. This is when you should place lighting as well. If you’ll be using a tabletop lamp, consider scale. Make sure it’s not too dim or bright, as this is a place your eyes will be getting a workout on the regular.

2. Okay, now the fun starts.

Now that you have your parameters set, you can start to fill in with the fun stuff. Move next to the smaller, but still important work-related items. Organize office supplies in a decorative container, decide what belongs in drawers (if you have them) and what belongs on the top. (Hint: whatever you use most should be within arm’s reach.) Keep a pencil cup (so many fun vases, glasses, and other containers you can use!) and notepad handy for brilliant bursts of inspiration.

3. While you’re organizing the nitty gritty…address clutter.

You may not have clutter when you first set up the desk, but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming for you like death or taxes. Create systems so that when clutter does hit, it has a place to go. Add drawer dividers, mail organizers, and paper trays if necessary. Alternate as your needs change.

4. Decorate!

When we said the fun starts with organizing... that might have been a stretch. This is where the fun really starts. This is a space that should be inspiring, comfortable, motivating, and, probably, happy. Hang art and photos above the desk or on surrounding walls. Spots right in your line of sight are the perfect place for cute calendars, motivational statements, and meaningful images. And, add a candle to the desk—even if you never light it, it will give off a subtle scent and add a certain sense of hygge if you will.

5. Corral.

Organize those smaller desk items like a coaster, candle, cheer-invoking knick-knacks, and more into small trays to give it an organized, curated look.