Kids make a ton of art projects between school, extra-curricular activities, and Saturday afternoons. All in – you could be looking at 20 pieces of beautiful, handmade art per week. We love keeping these mementos, but don't always have the room to store every macaroni frame or fingerpainting. We turned to our friends at Coinage for a couple sweet, creative ideas to put those sentimental pieces to good use. A simple way to share the artwork is to send a painting or two to grandparents. Nana and Papa will love a sock puppet that their little nugget made at summer camp, and it's extra-special if they live farther away. Another good option for saving your kids' artwork? Turn those drawings, sketches, paintings, and sculptures into a digitized photo book, like a Shutterfly album. It's an easy way to keep tracking of your budding artist's work without dealing with scraps of paper. What are your best methods for storing your child's art?

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