Guilty as charged.
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Clorox Wipes
Credit: 4x6/Getty Images

Ready to get cleaning? One of the first things you probably grab for is a handy container of Clorox Wipes. The convenient disinfectant wipes work wonders on surfaces from bathtubs to your coffee table.

Little did we know, in certain situations, these handy wipes could be doing more harm than good. "...if you have a surface at home protected by a sealant, even though the sealant may make the surface effectively non-porous, there are ingredients in Clorox Wipes that can be bad for the sealant itself," writes Julia Sprinkles in a recent piece for Apartment Therapy. "Namely, the citric acid that cleans soap scum so well is known not to play nicely with the types of sealant used on granite countertops."

Yikes — well at least we know now. In more encouraging news, all those other random places you use these wipes is probably A-OK. A representative for Clorox told Apartment Therapy that Clorox Wipes don't have any bleach in them " they are safe on all hard, non-porous surfaces." Ding ding ding.

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We think we just hit the house-cleaning jackpot. Now, if only we could manage to peel ourselves off of the porch chair and get to scrubbing.