Why should sandwiches have all the fun?


From salads and scrambled eggs to strengthening our nails and exfoliating our skin, it's no secret that we use mayonnaise whenever we get the chance.

But even we were surprised to learn that this beloved condiment's uses also extend into the cleaning department. According to our friends at The Kitchn, mayonnaise just might be the weapon that's been missing from your cleaning arsenal all these years.

Check out some of the creative, non-sandwich-related ways our oily friend mayonnaise can be used around the house:

To repair scuffs and scratches on hardwood floors

According to The Kitchn, mayonnaise's oily texture will create a colorless, greasy film that fills in tiny blemishes, essentially masking annoying scuffs and scratches.

First, rub an oil-based soap on the floor to remove surface-level dirt, then coat offending area with a generous coat of mayo. Give it a few hours to work its magic (ideally overnight) and then remove the mayonnaise with a wet rag to reveal your shiny new floors.

Remove adhesive residue

The oils in mayo aren't only delicious, they're also really efficient at breaking down adhesive. (Who knew?)

To help remove lingering signs of everything from bumper stickers to labels on glass jars, simply slather on the mayonnaise, let it sit for around 20 minutes, then wipe and/or peel.

Clean stainless-steel

Be gone pesky fingerprints! A dollop of mayo and a quick wipe is all you need to remove unwanted residue from your stainless-steel appliances.