Soft colors and sweet accents paint a lovely picture in this double-duty bath and laundry room.
Brilliant Bath and Laundry Room Combo

So you're ready to decorate your bath? Let's make a shopping list. Towels―check. Soap dispenser, scented candles―check, check. Pretty plates in your favorite color and a patterned rug―yes, of course. You start off your mornings here and likely end your days here as well. Your bath should be a cheerful space filled with more than just the basic necessities.

Designer Cindy Lee created such a look in her McKinney, Texas, master bath. By using a few simple accents you might usually find in the family room or kitchen, she made a small, functional space sing with style.

Bring On the Blue
A tranquil color palette that mixes shades of blue and crisp white forms the base for the arrangement of plates Cindy hung on the wall, which she painted Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore. Tip: Don't worry about matching up your dishes; just stick to one color or pattern.

Plush Touches for Comfort
Tile gets cold, even in Texas, so Cindy needed something on the floor. Instead of an ordinary (and boring) white bath mat, she pulled in a floral-print rug. It pays to move beyond the bath rug aisle.

The fluffy stacks of monogrammed towels and the white beaded-board wainscot balance out the darker bamboo stand.

Surprise in the Closet
Just to the right of the twin vanities, double doors open up to reveal one more fantastic element in this bath. Inside are Cindy's washer and dryer. Wire shelves on the sidewalls keep detergent and fabric softener close at hand but out of the way. A window, framed with old shutters, allows in light that then filters through the slatted doors and into the bath.

"Brilliant Bath and Laundry Room Combo" is from the February 2008 issue of Southern Living.