Follow This Spring Cleaning Calendar and Your House Will Be Sparkling in No Time

What’s the secret to spring cleaning? Just knowing where to start.

The unofficial start of spring in the South is March 1, though spring enthusiasts might argue it's the day after Valentine's. Along with all the sweet new sights and sounds of a fresh season comes that nagging feeling that something must be done with all the clutter before spring—officially—arrives. Just figuring out where to start can give one enough of an excuse to put it off for another day, week, or month. Next thing you know, we're staring October in the face and it's time to dig out the costumes and autumn-themed décor. Only, wait, it's three layers deep in a closet that you only open in emergencies, the one where everything practically spills out the second you crack the door. To help you avoid this scenario altogether, Bissel pulled together a helpful guide to kick the journey in gear. And we're starting with the dogs.

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How to Use a Spring Cleaning Calendar

Before you look at the calendar below and wonder who has the time, realize that this guide is meant to be used as time allows. You do not (and probably will not) make it through the entire to-do list in 20 consecutive days. Maybe you'll tackle two or three tasks one day, then pick it back up a week later to knock out a few more dirty jobs. You might even be able to skip a day altogether. For example, no pets? Cross off day 1. No kids in the house? You get a break on day 15.

Tips for Tackling Cleaning

In order to make the most of this spring cleaning calendar, there are a few things you should know. First, don't cut any corners. If it's laundry-room day, clean it from top to bottom, including the washing machine (here's how) and dryer. Second, do your research. Find the best way to clean walls before you think about taking an abrasive scrubber to that lacquer or haphazardly wiping your air vents down with a soapy sponge.

And finally, don't be afraid to hit pause on a task that's becoming overwhelming. If tackling all your closets in one day is just too much, take it space by space, or even shelf by shelf, mixing in other easier tasks in between. You might be slowly working your way through your paperwork purge or closet cleanouts throughout the entirety of your spring cleaning spree, and that's okay. Just keep moving!

Soon enough you'll look around and your house will be spotless. Who knew all it would take was a handy little calendar and the gratification of crossing off the boxes in red marker one by one?

Bissel Spring Cleaning Calendar

How to Deep Clean Your Home

Looking for more guidance on how to clean the items on this calendar? These guides will help you get going:

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