The Old-School Kitchen Item That Instantly Decluttered My Overloaded Bathroom Cabinet

Your vanity—and sanity—can thank us later.

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If there's no such thing as "bathroom organizational anxiety," I'd like to officially make it a thing, on the record. Because just seeing the jumble of skin serums, hairsprays, face masks, and half-empty toothpaste tubes taking over my shelves is enough to make me blotch up and break out in a cold sweat. So I avoid it, the bathroom cabinet. Altogether, unless entirely necessary. In fact, it started mocking me in my sleep until I decided it was time to take a stand. Not in this house.

Spring cleaning had me in rare form: donating bags upon bags of clothes, cleaning my washing machine for the first time, and finally facing my ultimate fear of the overloaded bathroom cabinet. Doing what any sane individual would, I took to Amazon and ordered an arsenal before commencing The Attack.

After finished, I found that one of the Amazon home organization products was the breakaway winner when it came to corralling all of my products in a way that each one is easily accessible at just a turn of whim while also being incredibly space-saving—and you probably grew up with it on your kitchen table. Ah, Lazy Susan, you wily one.

If your mother ever had a turntable—also affectionately known as a Lazy Susan—you get the gist: Place things on spinny thing (usually food or condiments), spin at your own will, and grab what you need. But when placed in the bathroom, it makes for the easiest organization of skin care serums, hair products, and makeup items ever. You can simply spin the circular organizer until you see what you need and grab it without knocking over everything else in the cabinet. Plus, it looks super streamlined and neat.

For my purposes, I chose this clear turntable with four-inch sides that ensures everything stays put when spinning. You could also easily use it to organize things like vitamin bottles or prescriptions all in one place, or you could go with this multi-level spinning organizer that fits smaller beauty products.

Suffice to say, I no longer shudder at the thought of opening the bathroom cabinet, and my vanity has never looked better. It's been weeks now and the whole situation has remained thoroughly decluttered and therapeutic. No blotching; no cold sweat. All it took was an afternoon and an old-school kitchen accessory made to rotate pancakes, bacon, and eggs around a kitchen table.

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be boring, says this once disillusioned declutterer. Just put a spin on it.

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