As in, you’ll barely lift a finger.
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Power Scrubber
Credit: Amazon

Who doesn’t love a product that takes the hard work out of household chores? A dishwasher? Genius. Washing machine? Life-changing. Even those Lil Chizlers that manage to get the most stubborn bits off the bottom of our skillet? A must-have. But, with all the advancements we’ve made in the cleaning department, it seems our scrub brush routine is stuck in a time warp. Surely in all the years we’ve been scrubbing with an old frayed scrub brush and a scalding bucket of soapy water there must have been some advances to make the chore a little less of a… chore. Turns out more than 23,000 Amazon reviewers have found the innovation so many of us have been searching for in the Drill Brush Power Scrubber—created by none other than a brand called Useful Products. We’d say so. BUY IT: $14.95;

The Drill Brush Power Scrubber kit is offered in five different stiffness levels, each with a specific job or surface in mind. They range from a Soft White Bristle version that's great for upholstery and carpet to a Black Hard Bristle system that’ll go to work on grills, ovens, and more of your toughest cleaning jobs. On the softer end of the spectrum is where you’ll find the Yellow Medium Bristle kit, recommended for tubs, showers, porcelain, and tile. It’s your all-in-one bathroom scrubbing solution, and you’re barely going to have to lift a finger.

The brush kit comes with three different sized brushes: a rounded 3.5-inch head, a flat 4-inch circular head, and a 2-inch circular head. Each attaches to your cordless drill with their ¼-inch diameter quick-change shaft. You just snap it on, pull the drill trigger, and get scrubbing. Soap scum on the  built-in soap dish is a job for the rounded 3.5-inch brush, while hard-to-reach spaces like the sink drain and around the faucet need the smallest brush head. But when it comes to those big jobs like shower walls, tile floors, or the tub, the 4-inch circular brush is going to get the job done in a snap and with results so good you’ll be wandering into the bathroom just to relish in those pristine porcelain surfaces.  

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Power Scrubber
Credit: Amazon

Drill Brush Attachment

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SHOP IT: $14.95;