And it only costs $8.98!

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There's no denying it: Cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, or patio doesn't rank high on our list of coveted weekend (or anytime) activities. But here's a sub-$10 gem that will make the process that much more enjoyable: A durable amber glass spray bottle, available on Amazon for $8.98.

So what makes this bottle so special? As The Kitchn reports, "Besides having UV-resistant properties that block sunlight from degrading chemicals, the amber color gives this bottle a nice, leave-it-on-the-countertop kind of look," writes Ayn-Monique Klahre. "The BPA-free glass bottle won't absorb chemicals, and the bottle comes with both a spray pump with three settings (mist, stream, and off) and a cap, to make it easy to use and to store as well. The bottle is dishwasher-safe and comes with two labels so you can write exactly what's in there." In addition to being great for cleaning aids, it's also great if you want to make a DIY aromatherapy mist.

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Currently, the bottle has 2,739 five-star reviews on Amazon — and we can only expect it to climb as more learn the glory of a sleek spray bottle that infuses cleaning with a touch more joy.