Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets
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These $12 Tablets Are the Super Easy Trick To Cleaning Your Washing Machine

They’ve gotten over 100,000 Amazon reviews.
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To put it lightly, there was quite the frenzy when one SL editor cleaned her washing machine for the first time in years. Partly because her method made her washing machine work like brand-new again, and partly because folks might have finally realized that there's a reason their washing machine might be, er, a bit stinky. The moral of the story? Yes, you should be cleaning your washing machine. More frequently than you probably think. Just like your dishwasher and your toaster. 

But there's no need to panic, because Amazon's got you covered if you're low on time and don't feel like putting in much effort to clean your washing machine once a month. If you haven't tried these $12 Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets, say hello to the quickest way to revamp and refresh your laundry game. Designed to remove odor-causing residue and grime that your weekly loads of laundry can leave behind, these foaming tablets can deep-clean your washing machine in just one cycle. 

With over 100,000 Amazon reviews to date, these tablets have garnered some major shopper love. "Smells a whole lot better than using vinegar!" one says. Another notes, "If you've got a college boy level of disgusting going on in your washer, this will do the trick." Ah, boy stench.

To use these washing machine cleaner tablets, simply pop one into the main tub—not the dispenser—when it's empty and set to a clean cycle or a large-load cycle with hot water. Any loose residue that isn't drained away can be simply wiped off afterwards. (For stinky washing machines that need a little extra love, three cycles and you're good to go.) Use once a month or every 30 cycles for a consistently clean washing machine. 

If you're interested in a quick and easy method for cleaning your washing machine, shop the tablets below. 

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets
Credit: Amazon

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

Each package comes with six tablets, which means you're already set for half of the year.

BUY IT: $12;

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Wipes
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Affresh Washing Machine Cleaning Wipes

With over 6,000 Amazon reviews in their own right, these wipes are perfect for cleaning up any leftover residue or gunk that doesn't fully wash out or drain during the tablet-cleaning cycle. This can be common if you're dealing with a washing machine that's gone a very long time without any cleaning.

BUY IT: $4.63;