If symptoms persist, head to the nearest Container Store...

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Addicted to Organizing

Organization is a lot like style. You can read every possible angle about what is or isn't conducive to it. You can hire someone to help you navigate its daunting waters. You can buy things to help you achieve it. But when it comes down to it, you either got it– or you don't. There are organized folks, and then there are humans. For those who naturally keep their socks together and roll them up in a tidy fashion in a designated drawer, you've got the magic organizational touch. You know what should go where, what to ditch, and what to prioritize. Some might even say you're hooked. If so, you may recognize some of the following symptoms:1. The concept of a ‘junk drawer' creates anxiety in your heart normally only reserved for the idea of say, base jumping. Things should have a place and fit neatly (cough, perfectly) into it:

2. When asked about your dream wardrobe, you describe how it's organized, not what's in it. We'll take Dallas-based Brighton Keller's closet anyday:

3. Your coffee table selections include Things Organized Neatly so you can peep its soothing arrangements whenever you need a moment of organized zen.

4. Your Pinterest doesn't just include an organization board–oh no, it's organized by organizing projects. The fridge, pantry, and linen closet each ger their own designated boards.

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5. Bookshelves are your playground. No shelf goes unstyled. A color-coordinated stack of books? Check! (And you know the #shelfie hashtag is good for a quick fix. Also #ShowEmYourStyle and #ambularinteriorscantshelfthis.)

6. You find it cute that other people have a spice rack. You have a spice station, organized by color and clearly labeled in perfectly sized containers.

7. Laundry rooms. Don't even get you started, right? Most under-utilized organization potential in the whole house, but that's just an opinion...

8. The one thing that can beat your 'less is more' philosophy? Target's sales on those dang organizing bins. How are you supposed to turn down half off baskets, bins, cubes, and boxes?