This attractive alcove couples convenience with a little style.
A Home for Your Phone
Credit: Van Chaplin

You can never have too many storage solutions. This is especially true when it comes to organizing the small stuff. To cut clutter on countertops, these Little Rock homeowners carved out a cubby in a wall for the family phone. The clever area provides a convenient spot for either a standard phone or cell phone and charger.

This space includes another service. Wires and electrical cords remain hidden, adding a safety element, as well as giving a neater appearance.

Because many older homes have phone recesses similar to this one, crafting a cubby in a new home can bring a nostalgic feel to the decor. The cozy cranny also adds a bit of beauty to the room, boasting an attractive beaded-board backing. The space is neatly framed, much like a window, with appropriately sized trim. Above the phone hangs a chalkboard, where messages and reminders can be easily written and erased. Underneath, a cabinet keeps phone books within reach. Now that's a good call!

This article is from the September 2005 issue of Southern Living.