What a sweet deal!

Outside Costco Store
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Planning a big surprise birthday party for your hubby, a bridal shower for your best friend's daughter, or even your own wedding? We all wish we could have bunches of gorgeous flowers to celebrate every occasion, right? But then we rememeber there's a budget. Often a tight one. No worries! Costco and Sam's Club have beautiful blooms you can buy online and have shipped right to your front door. Best of all… the price is right. Weddings today are getting bigger and more expensive but one way to save is ordering your wedding flowers online. And hey, you can put all that money into a fabulous honeymoon, which, by the way, you can book online at Costco. Bridal, bridesmaid, and throw-away bouquets as well as boutonnières and corsages can be ordered for a fraction of the price of your local florist and come ready-made.

Here are a few tips for ordering flowers online:

  • An annual membership to Sam's and Costco is required. Sam's Club memberships begin at $45 and Costco's annual membership begins at $55. If you don't live near one of these stores, you can order all sorts of products online from diamonds to diapers.
  • Other bulk flower companies are online so compare before you buy as prices vary widely.
  • Note that orders must be placed at least 7-10 days prior to delivery.
  • It's recommended that the flowers be delivered 2 days before your event.
  • More good news – many orders are even shipped free.

So if you live in a town without access to a local wholesale florist or you're looking to save some money, grab your laptop instead of the car keys and get ready for a multitude of fresh flowers delivered to your home. Your guests will be gaga over the beautiful flowers and the amount of money you paid is your little secret!

Gerber Daisies

Pink Gerber Daisy
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To find the best deal on Gerber daisies, I compared prices at a local wholesale florist versus ordering online and found that Costco had the best price as well as excellent reviews ($1.25 versus 80 cents per stem).


Hydrangeas in Jars
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A hydrangea stem is fairly costly even at a wholesale florist (about $5 - $9 per stem) but the online prices start around $2.85 per stem – depending on the type of hydrangea you purchase.


Multicolored Roses
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Gentlemen, do you want to give your sweetheart a dozen roses? Well, what about 50 roses for $39.99 (that's about 80 cents per stem) in several color choices? Great deals on roses can be found online and could be delivered to your door the next day.