Can you guess if this olive tree is real or faux?
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Home is where the heart is... and the olive trees, apparently.

In the past year, olive trees have catapulted into the spotlight with Etsy calling them the new "it" plant in their 2021 home decor trends report. According to Etsy search data, they've seen a whopping 896% increase in search for faux olive trees in the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year and a 269% increase in searches for olive frees in the same time frame.

Artificial Olive Tree in Pot_Wayfair 02
Credit: Courtesy Wayfair

"For centuries, olive trees have been symbolic of health, wisdom, luck and tranquility, sentiments that seem to hold more weight given the challenges of the past year," says Julie Cassetina, spokesperson at Wayfair, where you can find the darling potted artificial olive tree pictured above and below (Buy It: $156.99;

"Plants and greenery instantly add an uplifting element to any room, while also serving as a beautiful decorative accent. Pops of greenery have a way of making a space feel complete as they add life and vibrance," she adds. "What's nice about olive trees is that their leaves and branches are fairly delicate but offer texture and color at the same time."

Artificial Olive Tree in Pot_Wayfair 01
Credit: Courtesy Wayfair

Hoping to go the live olive tree route for your abode? Alfred Palomares, Vice President, Merchandising at, sheds some wisdom: "Originating from the Mediterranean and growing as tall as 25-to-30 feet, the olive tree has beautiful grayish-green leaves that make it the perfect addition to home decor. When it is fully mature and properly tended to, it can produce fruit annually," he says. "This showy perennial is relatively easy to care for, pet-friendly and worships the sun. They require at least six hours of full sunlight, daily. If indoors, it will thrive best near a window with Southern exposure," he continues, adding that since an olive tree can tolerate temperatures as low as 10°F, it can also grow beautifully outdoors.

"Aside from adding natural beauty to any space, olive trees also make a great gift to send to friends and loved ones. They have a rich history and are famous for the symbolism of peace, goodwill, abundance, and friendship," Palomares further notes. "Plus, their association with the Mediterranean landscape has the ability to inspire and transport you to a place known for its beauty, romance and delicious cuisine." Buy a live olive tree for yourself or as a gift on here (from $61.99).

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Peace, goodwill, abundance, and friendship — four things we'll definitely take as spring 2021 gets underway. Happy houseplanting.