They do more than just dry you off. 

Odd Bird Turkish Towel
Credit: Odd Bird

Have you ever walked into your bathroom to find it smelling like an old book left in the rain or, worse, the rainforest exhibit at your local zoo? It's the kind of musty, dank odor that no fan can completely air out.

Chances are the cause is your towels, which despite your best efforts can't completely dry out on their own, especially if you live in a more jungle-esque region of the South with high humidity. Mildew and other bacteria take hold, thus the stank. While you can replace them frequently or be (even) more diligent about laundering them, both efforts end up being expensive and exhausting.

If you find yourself nodding along to the grievances aired so far, there are solutions, including a set of Turkish Towels from Denton, Texas-based textile company Odd Bird owned by Ceren Alkaç, who uses her Turkish heritage and Texan home as inspiration for her fabrics.

Odd Bird's towels are made with a blend of linen, cotton, and bamboo so they go from damp to dry significantly quicker than a typical towel and because the fabric is loosely-woven, they won't harbor safe haven for smells. Laundering is much less labor-intensive since the towels become more absorbent with each wash and take a fraction of the time to dry, which is easier on the environment too.

"They only get better with age," says Alkaç. "It may seem like a hefty price to pay for a towel but for the amount of times you are forced to replace your terry towel, you will have this one for life."

But don't be surprised if they never make it from the box to your bathroom. Tassel-tipped and available in a variety of striking, but subtle prints, they easily double as a scarf or shawl during chilly Fall weather, a throw on the couch during a Netflix session, or, if you're a lucky soul heading for a winter-time escape, a beach towel or swimsuit cover-up. And if you've been looking for a stylish way to stay warm in your over air-conditioned office, well, just add to cart.