We found a bright story to empower young, wannabe homeowners
‘How We Did It’: 3 Millennial Homeowners Tell Their Stories
Credit: Courtesy of Subjects

Typically, the only news reported on millennials is that we are a shiftless lot of devoted renters, ride sharers, and temp workers. Defeated by our own staggering student loan debts and the Great Recession, we've simply given up on ever achieving the American Dream that a steady job can lead to buying a home. As a millennial with 12 years of full-time employment (blessedly) and 3 years into the teensiest starter home behind me, I'm fortunate to say that friends and co-workers in situations similar to mine surround me. Together, we commiserate about stretching our nickels, weekend DIY projects, and the sticker shock of new sewer lines.

Hats off to Money for doing a stellar and empowering piece about two very relatable millennials buying their own homes in the South's hottest cities: Nashville and Austin.

A lot of times owning your own house is not fun at all, but it is rewarding and more importantly today than ever—it's achievable.