Alex Geriner first took an interest in designing and building his own furniture when he moved into an apartment in New Orleans after college. He wanted to design some of his own furniture, in hopes of bringing his 1880s apartment to life. The very first piece he made was an antique headboard for his room, which came from an old growth Cypress tree. The significance of this beautiful piece is that he carved it from a five-panel door that was salvaged from a house that flooded during Hurricane Katrina. What started out as a hobby and passion for design has developed into an incredible business--Doorman Designs. In the four years since he started his business, he has expanded his line of work and now sells coffee tables, end tables, dining tables, bedside tables and more.

Alex was born and raised in south Louisiana, thus the rich history of New Orleans and the surrounding areas largely influences his work. To this day, a good bit of his reclaimed wood comes from New Orleans homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The rebuilding of the city and new life that has blossomed from this long recovery inspires him to use the wood to create beautiful and unique pieces. Thus his work incorporates the powerful history and character of this older wood with modern elements, which comes together to form truly impressive and unique furniture. In addition to sourcing reclaimed wood from New Orleans, he also makes wood furniture from architectural salvage found in the Gulf South. His attention to detail is one of his greatest strengths, which can be seen in the intricate metal and other inlays that are used throughout his work.

Most of his work is sold online, which is convenient because he ships worldwide. He also customizes furniture based on his made-to-order designs that you can see on his website. You can clearly tell from the pictures that he's passionate about his work and loves to create quirky and eclectic pieces that evoke a sense of history and tell a story. Check out Doorman Designs to see more of his work.