Small space, small budget? No problem.

By Marisa Spyker
July 17, 2020
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Amazon Cassidy Sofa
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of quarantining, it’s that we’ve all gotten very familiar with our own spaces. We know precisely which part of the house stays the coolest on sweltering summer days and exactly where to sit with a cold drink when the afternoon light hits its sweet spot.

It’s also got many of us thinking: It’s time for a new sofa. What once served simply as our nighttime retreat has now taken on multiple roles. It might be a makeshift work space or classroom for those without designated home offices. And, accordingly, it might be a substitute dining room for those days when lunchtime breaks aren’t in the plans. (And, yes, it’s still the site of many a Netflix binge.)

There’s no doubt about it: We’re spending a whole lot of time on our couches. So if you’re living with one that’s subpar, you’re probably feeling it. Thankfully, a brand-new, quality sofa doesn’t have to be a colossal investment. We found one that’s stylish, practical, and much more high-end seeming than its $379 price tag might suggest.

Amazon Cassidy Sofa
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Available on Amazon, the Cassidy Sofa is part of the Robert and Cortney Novogratz collection. “Designed with the modern family in mind,” the collection features affordable furniture and décor that can fit into homes ranging from breezy boho in style to midcentury modern.

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With its vintage detailing and trend-forward velvet upholstery, the Cassidy Sofa, in particular, is a style chameleon, able to adapt to a variety of surroundings. Button tufting and solid wood legs carved in a scrollwork pattern add sophistication (and the illusion of high-cost glitz) to the piece, while plush rolled arms add comfort.

Amazon Cassidy Sofa Futon
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

For homes where space is a premium, the Cassidy Sofa also boasts another attractive and highly practical quality: it transforms into a bed. A reclining back means the whole setup can lay flat to accommodate overnight guests when needed. (Yes, this is the chicest futon you've ever seen.) It also reclines partially into ultra-enticing chill-out mode.