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If you have ever felt this specific sadness that is staining your leather mules (that you definitely should have waited for to go on sale) after only one wear, you know that you will resort to all manner of ridiculous cleaning tips to restore them to their former glory. From toothpaste to cornstarch, it seems the internet is rife with new old wives spinning many tales.

Luckily for me, when I pulled said shoes out of my carry-on bag and realized that an unnamed skincare bottle had leaked a nickel sized spot on what was shiny new leather, I simply pulled out a bottle of Lestoil from underneath my kitchen sink.

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If you aren't acquainted with this foul-smelling cleaning agent, let me introduce you. Lestoil is an old-school liquid detergent so powerful it can, according to many of its enthusiastic supporters, remove grease from suede, old sweat stains from a silk shirt, scuff marks on wood floors, and hair dye from towels. It could even perhaps erase shame and guilt from your soul if only it could be applied topically.

But I digress. What Lestoil lacks in bespoke fragrance (it smells akin to a gas station in the summer heat), it makes up for in its versatility. For tough stains, use it as a pre-wash treatment or if you have a batch of uncommonly dirty laundry, just add a capful along with your regular laundry soap in the machine. You can mop floors and scrub walls with it. And don't worry about the gasoline-like aroma permeating your clothing or house. Since you don't need to use but a small amount, the smell dissipates quickly after rinsing or diluting the product.

While Lestoil can be found in the occasional hardware store, through the wonders of e-commerce it's available on Amazon.com for just $14. What a time to be alive.