This Laptop Case That Looks Like a Vintage Leather-Bound Book Is Perfect For Literature Lovers

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Leather-Bound Book Laptop Case
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There's a constant push and pull between needing technology to complete important everyday tasks like working on spreadsheets, scheduling appointments, and going on the occasional online shopping spree (it's a real mood-booster) and wanting to completely disconnect. Well, now it can be easier than ever before to straddle the line with a clever laptop case that makes your computer look like an old-timey leather-bound book.

This case is made to transform the exterior of your laptop to appear more like a vintage, distinguished, impressively large book. You know, like one of the books that fill very important, very old libraries. Once you disconnect for the day, the laptop can be lost on the bookshelf. Not to mention, it gets rid of any technology clutter that's messing up your living room or office aesthetic. Aesthetics are key!

For book lovers, it makes a practical purchase that honors the classic hobby, while also making it known that technology is merely an unfortunate necessity. You'd rather be sitting in the breezy grass somewhere, munching on a cheese plate and reading Hemingway. We get it. For those concerned about interior design, it eliminates technology mess in a sneaky way that's both cool and unique.

This leather-bound laptop case sadly comes only equipped for 13-inch laptops, but you do get to choose between four different leather colorscapes. Gift this vintage leather-bound laptop case to any bibliophiles in your life, or invest in one yourself to upgrade your office space. It might even look like you're reading more. (Even if it is sideways.)

Shop the laptop case below.

Mosiso Faux Leather Laptop Cover

Leather-Bound Book Laptop Case

Simply place laptop into the accompanying straps (if you want to use it while the cover is attached), and zip to close. Choose from four color options.

BUY IT: $26.99;

Fillmore Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve

Leather Laptop Case
Mark & Graham

For 15-inch laptops, this leather laptop sleeve can also increase your countertop appeal. Get it monogrammed if desired. (There is elegant foiled monogramming available.)

BUY IT: $79;

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