With just a few little tweaks, you can give your home a ghoulish vibe in minutes. Here are 19 ways to instantly spookify your house for Halloween.

Spooky House
  1. Stop Dusting – Let the cobwebs and dust bunnies build up in the corners to make your home look a little bit haunted. Do schedule a heavy dusting and vacuuming for November 1.
  2. Candle Swap – Switch out all the candles in your sconces or candelabras with black ones like these.
  3. Creepy Tunes – Download a mysterious soundtrack, and play it loudly around the house for the neighbors and anyone else brave enough to approach your home.

4. Foggy Entry – Place parcels of dry ice near your front door, and let them do their smoky melting trick 5. Fake a Spider Siege – Pull apart large pieces of cotton or gauze to drape over your bushes and under the eaves of your roof.6. Promote Superstition – Download a black cat silhouette, and place it dead center in your driveway or garden path to give everyone bad luck.

7. Pretend Your House is Abandoned – Cover your furniture with old sheets like no one lives there.8. Ghoulify Family Photos – Replace your family portrait with a Photshopped version of the same picture that gives everyone pale skin and red eyes.9. Wake Up the Ice Maker – Drop a few of these in the icemaker, and hang around the refrigerator for a while.10. Forget Pest Control – Purchase fake vermin like rats and cockroaches, and leave them all about your house.

11. Dark Greetings – Write "RIP," "Go Away," "Witches Live Here," and other ominous sayings on your doormats.12. Macabre Blooms – Arrange dark colored flowers like red roses and black dahlias through your home, and don't throw them out when they wilt.13. Dim Your Home – Swap out your light bulbs for black and red, and don't open your curtains or shutters.

14. Imitate a Crime Scene – Put up caution tape, and trace body outlines in the driveway.15. Display Bones not Sweets – Rather than a cake, place a skull under a cake plate.16. Signal Signs of Distress – Paint "help me" signs on your window panes using your non-dominant hand for extra-effect.

Related: Scary Good Halloween Cocktail Concoctions 17. Create a Cemetery – Sprinkle tombstones throughout your yard.18. Welcome Bats – String tons of cheap rubber bats on strings throughout your front yard.19. Spread Rumors – Conjure up a haunting ghost story about your house to tell everyone.