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During the dog days of summer, it seems almost impossible to ever escape the sweltering heat and thick humidity engulfing the South. Step out the front door, and you're likely covered in sweat within a few seconds. Between Fourth of July and Labor Day, as temps rise to scorching levels, we're hopping from one air-conditioned space to the next, searching for a respite from the unbearable weather.

With summer heat unfortunately comes higher power bills. Instead of blasting the AC, utilizing ceiling fans can be a more cost-effective way to cool your home. (Are you reversing the rotation of your ceiling fans in summer and winter? Different seasons call for different directions.) While ceiling fans can help cut down on expenses, they aren't always powerful enough to chill entire rooms.

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Consider a powerful, portable fan that's strong enough to cool off the largest rooms in your home—even during the peak of summer. Amazon's best-selling Lasko Portable Oscillating Tower Fan has just over 8,000 ratings (BUY IT: Lasko Portable Electric 42'' Oscillating Tower Fan, $63; This budget-friendly appliance features upgraded features like nighttime mode and an electronic timer to help save even more on energy costs.

Amazon Lasko Tower Fan
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This 12-pound standing fan is a good choice for smaller spaces like apartments and dorm rooms (say goodbye to bulky box fans and window units). Its sleek, slim design won't be an eye sore in high-traffic areas like living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens, and its compact footprint takes up minimal floorspace. Though small in size, this fan is mighty in cooling power, helping circulate air flow throughout indoor spaces. It features three different speed settings, which can be changed with an included remote control. Unlike noisier models on the market, this fan won't drown out conversations or the TV. The oscillation feature can turn on and off based on user preference. Shop the popular fan on Amazon now.