There's a lot you can't change about your apartment kitchen—but this, you can. And you definitely should.

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Rental Kitchen Updates
Credit: jhorrocks/Getty Images

When you're a renter, the kitchen can be the most disappointing room in your home because there are very few temporary, landlord-approved updates you can make to the space for it to feel more modern and to your taste. Unfortunately, you're stuck with the size of your kitchen, along with the materials and finishes in the room. And as is often the case in apartments, the kitchen may be tucked away in the back of the unit, away from any windows, which can make for a dreary place to spend your time cooking and eating.

Luckily, there are a few small updates you can make to a rental kitchen that are totally reversible, and this one, a DIY project shared by, is extremely low-lift but will make a world of difference in your temporary home.

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As the mastermind behind this hack has figured out, one of the most effective solutions to improving your rental kitchen is bringing in more light. Like we said, there are a lot of things you simply cannot change about your rental kitchen—and the amount of natural light in the room is one of them. But you can brighten up your workspace with under-cabinet lights. There are plenty of more permanent lighting systems that may not make sense or be allowed in a rental, but this smart solution gets around that. And at less than $20, the price can't be beat.

All you need are Command decorating clips and LED string lights. Simply stick the Command clips onto the bottom of your cabinets and wind the lights around the clips. The strand of lights linked above is 33 feet long, so you likely have the space to double or even triple up the lights on each cabinet or even clip them around the base of your cabinets to increase the brightness. And best of all, when you're ready to move out, you can easily take down the lights and clips and move them with you to your next place.