It's all about moody colors—but not the way you've seen everyone else do.

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| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

In case you haven't heard, white kitchens are out. Well, we won't ever say they're truly out because a white kitchen is timeless, but as far as trends go, white kitchens have been benched. We hit peak white-kitchen overload a few years ago when everyone became obsessed with white subway tile, quartz countertops, and bright white paint—all at the same time. It was enough to make everyone say, Boy, this kitchen could use some color.

So in the past year or so, we have seen a strong resurgence of color, and in the kitchen that's mostly been acted upon with colorful cabinets (sometimes two-tone cabinets that kept the uppers white) and backsplashes. Now, we're seeing another paint color trend we didn't expect to see so soon: colorful walls in the kitchen. And while that is a step further away from the all-white kitchen in some ways, it actually is a great option to refresh your space if you happen to still have an all-white or mostly-white kitchen (c'mon, we know everyone can't do annual kitchen redos), since you can choose to add color to the walls instead of the cabinets, which is typically easier, cheaper, and simpler to undo or change down the road.

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All that said, it's 2019, so when we talk about colorful paint colors, we aren't talking bright reds or pastel blues. It's the year of moody, deep colors, and the two shades that continue to top that list are hunter green and navy blue. You're of course going to see plenty of kitchens with cabinets painted these colors, but if you look closely, you'll notice more kitchens with dark blue or green walls, often paired with lighter cabinets. Take a look at this pretty combo that feels less everyone-is-doing-it trendy, but still of-the-moment because of the on-trend colors.

We love how the white cabinets pop off the dark walls, and all the warm wood accents pair beautifully in these kitchens.

If you want to turn up the drama, consider painting your cabinets and walls the same color. It's a bold choice, but in a smaller kitchen or butlers pantry that has distinctive boundaries (i.e. not an open-concept kitchen-living room combo), it can have a beautiful effect that creates a sophisticated, personality-filled space.

This might seem intense, but if you think about how some kitchens don't have all that much bare wall showing in the first place (between upper cabinets and high-running backsplashes), it might not end up adding that much color, but will make the space feel seamless and cozy. A white apron-front sink or marble countertops and backsplash can help break up all the dark tones, and anything displayed on open shelves really pops against a monochromatic backdrop.

You can even opt for high-gloss lacquered paint for an even more luxe effect.