When it comes to storage and ease in the kitchen, cupboards might be holding you back.

Holston Kitchen Pantry
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Most of us grew up with kitchens lined with cupboards with drinking glasses, the everyday dinner plates, and boxes of cereal all hidden behind their doors—which inevitably lead to our mamas yelling at us for leaving the doors open. While traditionally, kitchens in the South rely on cupboards for most storage needs, with a few drawers thrown into the mix for stashing silverware, measuring cups, and utensils, over at Apartment Therapy, an author makes a very compelling argument that kitchens should do away with cupboards entirely and store everything in drawers instead. Here's why you just might agree.

Their argument goes something like this: Cupboards are simply not a very good way to store things. While that sounds like heresy, think about it: If you want a serving bowl that happens to be in the back of the cupboard, you either have to perform some Mission: Impossible style maneuvers to retrieve it or remove everything from the cupboard and then grab it. If your dishes are stored in drawers, though, you simply open the drawer and pull out that serving dish. No tactical maneuvers required.

Additionally, because drawers open wide and reveal their contents, they are much easier to keep organized. Instead of shoving everything willy-nilly into a deep cupboard, hoping you remember where you stuck that one Tupperware lid, drawers can be easily divided and subdivided so everything has its place and nothing is lost in the dark reaches of a back shelf. Organization also leads to efficiency, so you don't need to waste time digging around for paper cupcake liners when you have four dozen cupcakes to bake for a fundraiser.

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In short, while it's hard to imagine a kitchen without cupboards, drawers simply might be better at their job. So, if you're planning a kitchen remodel, it might be time for a very practical update. Plus, once you see some of the gorgeous, drawer-filled kitchens over at Apartment Therapy you might not miss cupboards at all.