These eight DIY projects will give your kitchen a facelift in a single weekend.

White Kitchen
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Dreaming of a Pinterest-perfect kitchen renovation, but don't quite have the budget or the time? These eight DIY projects will give your kitchen a fresh new look in two days or less.

Upgrade Cabinet Hardware
This project is easy, inexpensive, and can be completed in about an hour. Simply unscrew your current hardware (a basic screwdriver will do the trick), and replace it with updated hardware purchased online or from your local hardware store. Be sure to measure the distance between your old fixture holes carefully, so that you don't have to drill any new holes.

Replace Your Kitchen Faucet
Buy a new fixture that matches the mounting hole measurements of your current sink, and follow the directions on the box to install. Because updated kitchen faucets typically offer more utility than old fixtures (like hands-free design, water-conserving settings, and pull-down spray nozzles), this project may actually change how you approach washing dishes and freshen up the look of your sink area.

Create a Chalkboard Command Center
Pick a spot on the back of a pantry or interior garage door—if your doors offer panel detailing, you can simply paint one of the upper panels with a few coats of chalkboard paint. If you have flat, hollow-core doors, you can purchase a basic empty frame at any hardware or craft store, nail it to the back of your door, and coat the area within the frame with chalkboard paint to create a spot for agendas, grocery lists, and family notes.

Put Up a Pegboard
Pegboards are perfect for pantries and kitchen walls—they create a storage spot for everything and keep your favorite utensils within easy reach. They're also a synch to put up, and with a myriad of pegboard accessories on the market today (like specialty hooks, clips, and mini baskets), they'll help you easily store everything from brooms and dusters, to pots and pans, to can openers and spatulas. Basic wooden pegboard can be purchased in sheets at your local hardware stores. Tip: Paint the pegboard the same color as your wall for a seamless look.

Install Pullout Drawers
Big-box stores like Ikea, The Container Store, The Home Depot, and Lowes offer simple, ready-to-install pullout drawer options that are easy to attached to your kitchen's base cabinetry in just a few hours. Be sure to measure your cabinet openings—not just the interior space of the cabinetry—to ensure that each drawer clears its cabinet opening with ease.

Regrout Floor Tile
It's not uncommon for white grout to go gray with time and wear, no matter how much you clean it. If that dinginess is driving you crazy—and if you're not afraid to use a little elbow grease—this weekend project is totally worth it. You'll first have to scrape out the old grout from your current tiles; these days, however, most hardware stores sell handy de-grouter tools that make the process a lot simpler. Once your tiles are free of old grout, carefully follow the directions on the tub of new grout to totally transform the look of your old flooring by weekend's end.

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Tile the Kitchen Backsplash
This one obviously takes a little more experience (or guts, depending on your perspective), but now that popular styles like subway and penny tile come in handy mesh-mounted sheets, you can add pretty tile to your backsplash in a flash, depending on the size of your kitchen. Make sure that you get the right color and type of grout for your walls, and that you check your progress with a level at every step to make sure everything is straight and consistent.

Coat Cupboards in a Fresh Hue
Although the process of properly preparing and painting your cabinetry will take the whole weekend, it can, in fact, be completed in just two days. Just make sure you have all your supplies on hand before you get started (you'll need basics like a hand drill, lots of sand paper, putty for filling any nicks or holes, primer, and paint), and that you take the time to remove any hinges or hardware ahead of time. Tip: If you don't have time to tackle all of your cabinetry, consider going for the popular two-toned look and painting only your lower cabinets in a dark, showstopper shade.