The quickest way to update your kitchen.

By Katherine Owen
October 05, 2018
hsvrs/Getty Images

If we told you that you needed to paint your whole kitchen something called Cyberspace would you believe us?

Because right now, we can't get enough of it. We've seen the return of colorful kitchens, and this moody blue-grey perfectly straddles timelessness and trendiness. (Not an easy feat!) It's the perfect fit for cabinets that may need a slight update.

Don't get us wrong—we love a white kitchen. We've got a whole archive of them. But there is something about a kitchen with color. More importantly, a cabinet with color. That's where Cyberspace (SW 7076) by Sherwin-Williams comes in. It's a cozy, deep hue that makes friends with any color you pair with it. It reflects light beautifully (try a semi-gloss or gloss!), and it adds sophistication, without feeling stuffy. For example, check it out in our 2018 Austin Idea House:

"In a city like Austin, you're outdoors all the time, so families need a place for storing a lot of gear," says Chris, who maxed out the hallway that connects the back door to the kitchen. Within this one space, he fit a washer and dryer (not shown), a row of cubbies with accessible open storage below and closed cabinets overhead, and a dog food station. "It's nice to have a place to close off the mess from the rest of the house," Chris says.The walls are clad with James Hardie's Artisan V-Groove siding and painted in Sherwin-Williams' Cyberspace (SW 7076) for some utilitarian charm. The ceiling light is Clarkson Lighting's Academy Semi-Flush Mount size medium. 
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Designer Meredith Ellis chose Cyberspace for the mudroom walls and cabinetry for its utilitarian charm. What better spaces than a kitchen, mudroom, bath, or pantry for such a hard-working color? In this mudroom, it's paired with other shades of blue and berry.

But don't just take our word for it. We're seeing it bubble up on Instagram as well. Some of our favorite ideas for kitchen cabinetry and beyond:

@brittanymakes put it to use on cabinetry in her kitchen:

And @copelandandco covered the exterior of a house in it:

And @houseonprairielane took to the (shiplap!) walls with it, and contrasted with brass details:

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Running to your hardware store yet? The color is perfect if you're looking for a clean, modern update that blends seamlessly with any palette and has some staying power. If Cyberspace isn't for you—maybe you're looking for that sunny yellow kitchen? Or a classic blue?—check out our other ideas here.