We Need to Talk About the Layered Cabinets in Jennifer Garner's Rental House

Storage galore!

Jennifer Garner has taken her Pretend Cooking Show on the road!

For the latest installment in the beloved social media series, Garner brought fans to the kitchen of the home she's renting in Vancouver, Canada, where's she's currently filming a movie called The Adam Project.

Jennifer Garner
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

While the ever-buoyant actress flitted around the kitchen making a batch of Sarabeth's famous Morning Cookies for the crew, we found ourselves fixated on the modern cabinets behind her.

It's not just that they're a far cry from the white, raised-panel, double-stacked cabinetry in her home back in California, they also happen to be wildly unique—at least here in the States.

The gray cabinetry basically transforms the range alcove into the double-decker bus of kitchen storage. It features a layered design above the stove, giving the homeowner (or renter) heaps and heaps of space to tuck things away. We're only left with one question: where do they hide the stepladder?

As our friends at The Kitchn point out, the range hood also appears to be "camouflaged" with the same woodgrain as the cabinets on either side, creating a lovely, seamless look.

It's certainly a more modern look than we're used to, but let's face it, we'll do anything for more storage!

What do you think? Are layered cabinets a yea or nay?

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