It's a fresh take on modern farmhouse style we promise you haven't seen before.

Tiny White Kitchen with Butcher Block Countertops
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

It may seem like a small design decision in the grand scheme of remodeling an entire kitchen, but your cabinet hardware can actually make a huge impact on the overall look and style of your space. Which also makes changing your hardware a great way to give your kitchen a noticeable facelift that's fairly easy and relatively inexpensive.

There are so many options out there when it comes to cabinet hardware—from classic round knobs to modern skinny handles—that it can be hard to narrow down the available options and discover what you actually like. And to be honest, the styles we're drawn to can change pretty quickly. But right now, there's a hardware trend we're loving that hasn't been overused (yet) and is the perfect pairing for a modern farmhouse-leaning kitchen: square bin pulls for drawers and cabinet latches for doors.

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"Modern farmhouse" is a design term that gets thrown around a lot these days, and whenever a term is overused, it tends to lose its meaning. But when we think of farmhouse style, we envision an old country kitchen with a wide, apron-front sink, some painted wall cabinets, and freestanding storage in the form of a cupboard or hutch. And the hardware on those pieces of furniture that serve as kitchen storage inspires the modern twist on the trend that we're loving right now.

Bin pulls feel more traditional and old-world than the long skinny handles you see so often in kitchens now, and we love the more squared-off style (that almost looks like it belongs on an antique filing cabinet) as a fresher alternative to the mega-popular rounded bin pulls. Take a look:

Paired with these square bin pulls on drawers, we love the look of a traditional cabinet latch on cabinet doors, like the ones pictured here:

Admittedly, having to turn a knob or unhook a latch is not the most practical hardware option on cabinets that get a lot of use. The latch can be a good accent on an under-sink cabinet or large pantry cabinets if you want to use simpler, more efficient knobs on the other doors.

Also giving these hardware options a fresher look is the finish. Black hardware became the go-to finish for farmhouse kitchens, which can be a bit stark when paired with white cabinets. We prefer these bin pulls and latches in brass or silver, which makes them feel a bit more high-end and timeless. Here are a few more examples showing how great these hardware types look when paired together: