Turn your dream kitchen into a reality with paint-on marble.

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Kitchen with Veined Countertops
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When I picture my dream kitchen, I imagine stainless steel appliances, a KitchenAid stand mixer, copper pots, a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, and expansive white marble countertops. Unfortunately, my budget apartment didn't exactly come with such furnishings, and neither do many houses. Old houses have great character, but even with updated appliances, eighties-style ceramic tiling or Formica countertops can singlehandedly date your kitchen. Not to mention that tile grout is difficult to clean and notorious for harboring dirt and bacteria.

In an ideal world, we'd all be able to renovate our homes to design our dream kitchens, stainless steel, white marble, and all. But while I could bring home a KitchenAid mixer and a cast iron skillet without much fuss, countertops pose a whole new challenge.

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Redoing countertops requires a more elaborate kitchen renovation, which can be very costly and labor-intensive. Marble countertops can cost anywhere from $40 to $200 per square foot. With the average kitchen containing 35 square feet of counter space, the price tag of authentic marble countertops can be quite steep (even on the lower end, that's around $1,400). But now, in the age of Pinterest, you can completely transform your kitchen countertops with a simple DIY kit. And you can get it for less than $100.

You heard it here first, folks: Amazon is selling a Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit that masterfully replicates the look of white marble on any surface, from granite to tile. The paint-on marble covers 35 square feet of counter space. The three-step application process is easy to follow and makes a great DIY weekend project. According to Giani, this kit "will transform Formica, laminate, Corian, ceramic tile, butcher block, cultured marble, and traditional granite in a single weekend." So how does it work?

"The specialized primer hides existing discoloration, burns, stains, and minor scratches, while the mineral paints create the look of natural marble," the brand notes on Amazon.

The kit includes marble primer, grey veining mineral, white highlight material, and marble protective topcoat. It also comes complete with painting materials and a practice board, so you can get the hang of it before starting on your countertops. A high-gloss top coat seals and protects the paint, so you'll be able to use your countertops as normal without extra worries of stains or spills. Plus, the high-shine finish replicates the look and feel of polished marble. Instantly upgrade your blasé countertops and avoid a costly renovation– your guests will never even guess that this marble is painted on!

Not convinced yet? Peruse the impressive number of five-star reviews, complete with before and after photos. This marble countertop paint kit will transform your drab, outdated countertops into a modern masterpiece at an affordable cost. What are you waiting for? Turn that dream kitchen into a reality.