Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container

Need a Technology Timeout? This Clever Time-Locking Container Helps You Unplug Without Temptation

For when your mama’s not there to take away your phone. 
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Without a doubt, technology can be our favorite escape when we want to chill out and our worst enemy when we need to get things done. While our smartphone comes in handy when responding to emails and finally calling back your Aunt Tessie, it can be a bit of a distraction when trying to get chores or work done throughout the day, as well as when it's time to wind down for the evening. All that blue light before bed can stave off getting your best snooze—and you'd do yourself a favor to crack a book instead of binging on Candy Crush. 

And while all of that sounds fine and dandy, they call it technology addiction for a reason. It can be super hard to put down your electronics for an extended period of time, and even as an adult, you might appreciate a little mandatory timeout, even if it has to be self-inflicted. Say hello to the Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container, your new strict mama for when you need to take your phone away from yourself for a little while. 

The concept is simple but effective. Once the timer is set on the clear lockbox and the button is pressed, the safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero. You can set the timer any amount from one minute to 10 days, and shoppers use it to temporarily lock away many different things, such as smartphones, video game controllers (for the kids), television remotes, and even non-technology items like cookies or candy. Talk about tough loving! 

The whole idea is to help people not have to rely upon willpower all the time, because that can be harder than it seems and leave us feeling defeated if we crack. It's an investment, but one that can seriously help you resist becoming dependent on technology at all times, which reviewers note is the most rewarding aspect. 

Shop the different sizes of this brilliant productivity tool below. 

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Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container
Credit: Amazon

Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container

This basic size for the lockbox is small enough to go on the kitchen counter without using up too much space or looking bulky. It'll fit most small-to-medium items. Choose from different color options. 

BUY IT: $69.90;

Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container
Credit: Amazon

Kitchen Safe XL Time Locking Container

This taller lockbox is 10.4 inches tall, which can fit most smart tablets and larger objects such as laptops, depending on their height. 

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