Yes, You Need To Be Cleaning Your Keyboard—This Is the Genius $8 Amazon Goo That Gets Rid of All the Gunk

A chore has never felt so satisfying. 

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There are everyday cleaning chores—like washing sheets, wiping counters, and vacuuming the floor—and then there are the cleaning chores that we avoid for months, maybe even years, or that we don't know we should be doing altogether. Ever heard of cleaning your washing machine? We hadn't until recently, either. Yuck.

One of those cleverly avoided, put-off, or "forgotten about" (yeah right, Cheryl) chores? Cleaning your keyboard. Whether laptop or desktop, the computer is one of the most frequently used appliances in almost every home; but it is also one of the least cleaned appliances in the home. Over time after repeated use, your keyboard can become a haven for bacteria, dust, and other unmentionables—again, yuck. Yet the computer keyboard is one of the top forgotten places in the home that people neglect to clean on a regular basis.

Keyboard Cleaning Goo CROP

If your keyboard is looking worse for wear, there are two steps to follow, and combined they only take about a minute to complete. First, you should be frequently wiping down your computer with sanitizing wipes to ensure any bacteria that's brought in by your hands is thoroughly killed on a regular basis. Keep a pack of wipes nearby to ensure you're tempted more often. Secondly, you need to get rid of any dust and crumbs in the keyboard. Like, really get in there. For that, you need goo. Yes, we're serious.

It might look a whole lot like the popular slime trend kids have been making at home, but Amazon's top-selling dust cleaner goo is actually a super genius way to get into all the nooks and crannies of your keyboard. More still, it works very well when used to clean everything from car vents to air conditioners to calculators. (Attention, accountants!) Basically, once pressed firmly into the crevices of whatever you're cleaning, the gel putty sticks to any dust, crumbs, or grime and snatches it up as you peel it off the surface, leaving behind a clean canvas and subtle lavender scent. After that, you simply ball it back up, folding the dust back into the gel putty, and use it until the goo begins to look dark and dirty. Usually, after dozens of uses.

Universal Dust Cleaner

So if you're looking to keep your keyboard and other hard-to-reach items clean as can be, it may be time to invest in this $8 dust-cleaning goo with over 7,000 Amazon reviews. (TO SHOP: ColorCoral Universal Dust Cleaner; $7.99;

On the long list of things we never knew we needed to be cleaning: the keyboard. But this gel putty sure makes it oh-so satisfying to do it.

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