This Indoor Insect Trap Is the 'Best Solution' for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen—and It's 37% Off

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Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Catcher
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Fruit flies and gnats are some of the most disruptive household insects, because once one comes along, dozens will follow. Not to mention they wreak havoc on your seasonal produce like tomatoes, peaches, and bananas—even burrowing into your household plants. While they don't bite, fruit flies are often too small to kill with a slap and too difficult to lure with the "tried-and-true" apple cider vinegar mixture. That's why Amazon shoppers love this popular indoor insect trap that attracts and kills bugs like gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitoes.

The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is a best-selling bug catcher on Amazon with more than 34,000 five-star ratings—and it's on sale with a double discount thanks to a clickable on-page coupon you can apply before checkout. The insect trap uses a UV light to attract flies to the catcher, a quiet-operating fan with two speeds to suck them into the chamber, and a sticky glue board to hold them inside. Because it doesn't use an electric zapper or chemicals to kill flies, the trap is safe to use around pets and kids. Plus, its sleek design can easily pass as a smart speaker or kitchen appliance, so it won't look out of place on your countertop.

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap Catcher
Courtesy of Amazon

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Emptying most insect traps is unpleasant, but the replaceable and disposable glue boards in this catcher are easy to toss once full. The trap comes with four glue boards that stay sticky for months—just replace them as needed depending on how many flies end up on the pad.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers love the insect trap because it's easy to use, doesn't use zappers or chemicals, and actually traps flies—one shopper even said it "saved" their kitchen.

"Because we live in Florida, my husband and I have to deal with fruit flies and mosquitos in our house a lot," another shopper said, adding, "The Katchy Bug Trap is the best possible solution!" They noted that the sticky pad is protected by the cage at the bottom of the trap, so you "can't accidentally bump the thing and have it stick to you." They also called it " safe, convenient, and easy to use."

Get ahead of this year's summer pests with this best-selling insect trap that's 37 percent off at Amazon right now.

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