This Editor-Loved Fabric Shaver Is on Sale for $22, and It Gets Rid of Pills in Minutes

Your couch is about to look like new again.

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iRUNTEK Rechargeable Fabric Shaver
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're investing in a cozy new sweater, fresh bedding, or a comfortable couch, you're hoping your new purchase looks like new for many weeks and months to come. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best quality items start to pill after constant use. But there's a quick and easy way to revive them—and according to one of our editors—it comes down to this handy fabric shaver that's on sale for just $22.

The iRuntek rechargeable fabric shaver is designed to remove pills and pulls from everything from socks to upholstered furniture. It has three shaving hole sizes, four blades, and three speeds, so you can choose the specific setting that makes you feel most comfortable while you work. The brand notes the shaver will not harm your fabric, and Anna Price Olson, Southern Living's Assistant General Manager, put it to the test.

iRUNTEK Rechargeable Fabric Shaver
Courtesy of Amazon

BUY IT: $21.59 (orig. $30.99);

After a few months of constant use, Olson noticed her new couch cushions were looking less than pristine. She felt that a fabric shaver would help eliminate the picks and pulls she saw, but she quickly learned that the "cheap battery-powered" fabric shaver she already owned wasn't quite up to the task. So, the rechargeable iRuntek shaver felt like a must, especially because Olson plans to use it regularly to spruce up her couch.

"I read a bunch of product reviews on Amazon, and ultimately pulled the trigger on this model (the chic silhouette and white color may have slightly influenced my decision)," she says. "It came in a few days, was easy to set up—and, most surprisingly, came fully charged so I put it right to use. My only issue is that I did run into one hiccup when turning it on: I had to slightly twist the nozzle/head a little for it to start working (this was not in the instruction manual). Once it did, you could hear it start to work, and I was immediately impressed!"

If you have a larger project for the fabric shaver to tackle, the great news is it holds a charge for up to 180 minutes, according to the brand. You also won't need to guess if the battery is running low: The on-screen display notes how much power is left, indicating when you need to plug the fabric shaver in to recharge. While you're charging the shaver, you can also quickly empty everything it has collected into the trash.

"I was able to cover the whole couch with plenty of battery to spare, and it didn't leave one pick or pull behind—seamlessly cleaning the top of the seat cushions as well as the sides and piping with ease," continues Olson, who liked being able to see the battery power on the device's digital display. "I think I started with 100 percent and only went down to 70 percent [after] cleaning the whole couch!"

Olson was able to bring her couch cushions back to "looking pristine and clean," and she's already excited to use the iRuntek fabric shaver to give her sweaters a quick spruce in time for the fall and winter. With so many uses, this $22 can-do gadget feels like a must, especially because you can ditch your old battery-powered fabric shaver in the process.

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